Wedding Dress

Once the jewellery is set, or is at least planned, the wedding dress comes into play next. Both the bride and the groom browse different outlets for the just the right shade or fit or even design. We at Nair Kalyanam have partnered with various wedding shopping centers and have their ads and offers displayed on our site to make your selection easier. We even provide the option of searching based on locality making it easier and convenient to shop.

Right from the ever-changing trends of wedding sarees, be it design or the colour in vogue at the moment, to the emerging fashion choices for the groom, choosing the right attire is crucial. With more and more couples opting to go the all-traditional way, it is endearing to see a return of traditional attire like munduh, veshti for the groom and set saree, set munduh for the bride.

Wedding is the one occasion where you can dress to the nines and have everyone only shower you with compliments. So keeping this in mind, we at Nair Kalyanam have collated information of wedding centers that offer you an array of choices.

Wedding Jewellery

For a bride, her wedding is the most important day of her life. Right from minor details like garlands to the food served; there are always delegated people who provide assistance. But what about her jewellery? It’s the bride and her family’s choice and it is a nerve wrecking decision along with being an extremely expensive one.

At Nair Kalyanam, we understand this; the need for the right blend of traditional jewellery like Palakkamala, Nagapadathali etc in balance with modern, contemporary jewellery. Right from the thali selection to daily wear rings and chains that a bride needs, jewellery shopping is a carefully thought through selection process. Through our locality specific jewellery categorization as well as our onsite ads that showcase the different jewelers that have partnered with us, one can easily select according to their convenience.

At Nair Kalyanam, we understand the significance of wedding jewellery shopping and do our best to smoothen the process. We provide varied information regarding the present jewellery trends as well as the difference between old jewellery and new jewellery making your shopping stress free.

Jewellery shopping does not pertain only to the bride. The groom’s side of the family also looks for options for jewellery as gifting the bride a piece of jewellery on the wedding day is considered auspicious. At Nair Kalyanam, we have solutions for all your jewellery queries, be it for the bride or groom!

We were pivotal in getting the bride her heart’s desire in the form of the perfect groom, so we thought why stop there. We at Nair Kalyanam ensured that the bride got yet another desire of heart – her dream jewellery!

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