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At Nair Kalyanam we are constantly with you right from the time your search begins to even helping you plan out your perfect honeymoon with your partner. We are a complete service provider for all your matrimonial needs.

We guide you right from the registration on our website, all the way to helping you choose a partner that suits your specifications and sensibilities.We understand the importance of entering into matrimony and guide you and simplify the process without making it seem as a chore. A once in a lifetime experience, we want you to cherish these moments and enjoy the process of discovering your partner for an eternity. We smooth the path for you and make the whole experience an enjoyable one.

We don’t just strive to get you hitched; we even go as far as helping you plan that special time away with your spouse. Many couples dream of an exotic honeymoon abroad whereas others want a serene experience within the country, name it and we make it happen.

So Nair Kalyanam is not just your average matrimony site to search and search for partner. Rather we at Nair Kalyanam understand you and your would-be spouse and just lend a hand in bringing you both together for a lifetime. We don’t think anyone; anywhere has such a blessed responsibility.

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